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 Our Father/Mother who dwells within all . . . hollowed be Thy Name . . . thy New World come . . . thy Intention be fully realized . . . throughout the earth . . . as it is in the heavens.

Thank you for today’s daily bread . . . and thank you for forgiving our trespasses . . . as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And, thank you for leading us . . . through all of life’s situations and circumstances, and especially into an ever-deepening understanding of your most basic and PRIMARY Divine and Universal Intention . . .  which is on behalf of ALL LIFE and ALL LIFE FORMS . . . that they might express all aspects of their unique individual endemic potential and FLOUISH as ONE INTERCONNECTIVITY in LOVE and PEACE . . .  FOREVER . . . IN ACCELERATING AND UNFOLDING PERFECTION . . .

And, thank you for delivering us from the evil one.

For . . . You are the Pure Light . . . and Unconditional Love . . . and LIFE itself.

You are . . . the Great I AM at the root of all Being . . . and the CREATIVE FIRST SOURCE of ALL-THAT-IS.

And so it is . . . and so it is . . . and so it is . . .

Water of Life -- Flow into Us

Water of Life — Flow into Us


is deeply rooted into our most basic being as one consciousness — one mind. One Universal Mind expressed in countless (seemingly) partial shards of its singularity — which are either more, or less, aware of its own personal eternal connection with the All-That-Is.

However, all are becoming — and ever unfolding — into more and more awed awareness of their own personal immersion and the eternal adhesion of the Divine Love to the non-dual singularity.


The omnipresent Prime Source continually creates — sustains — and transmutes all things within and throughout the entire Great Creation.

The Universal Consciousness Field — which penetrates all things in, upon, around, and throughout the Great Creation — streams forth from its prime innermost Source.

Here shines the incomparable Creator — continually and ubiquitously — forever unfolding without rivalry or competition.

It is the all pervading I Am Presence with whom (know it or not) every one of us is fully capable of conscious interface — and of the most intimate, profound and joyful communication.

Throughout our known history there have been countless names describing that dimensional portal — the door — this spiritual direct energetic interface, which is intrinsically built into the heart-of-hearts of every human being by the Creator — the Father/Mother of us all.

Everything we think we know or understand concerning other people, things and situations — which appear to be outside and apart from us — have now revealed themselves to be nothing but a dubious and highly doubtful surmise about that seemingly outside ‘other’ — a supposition — an opinion.

And our individual perspective of this has arisen from having peered through the narrow scope of our own highly limited and unique individual perspective.

In addition, our private interpretations — to which we sometimes desperately cling as if they were life itself — are really only our own incomplete thought memes.

These incomplete bits of information can only be interpreted from our own individual vantage points — wherever that perspective happens to be.

Each of those vantage points (us — our unique individual personalities) are incomplete in themselves — yet — each is an indispensable piece of the puzzle of our ever fluid individual co-creations which only become clear when each mysterious piece of the puzzle finds its perfectly fitting groove to contribute toward the ongoing further perfection of this beautiful creation of art — which is none other than . . . us — and our ongoing and ever expanding perspective of who and what we are and why we are here.

In reality — any individual is a rare and precious and irreplaceable element no matter how far off they may have veered from the great potential of their present life-plan. That life-plan will become the fulfillment of the Divine Plan and the ultimate realization of the innermost Intention of the I Am Presence — the purpose of All Creation.

At the Prime Root of our Collective Consciousness, we are all the visible manifestation — the materialization — and the potential expression of the I Am Presence. That potential expression is the Christ within us — let it be finally unrestrained to flow forth like living water — for the sake of healing and uplifting all Creation.

Coming to recognize and appreciate and perfect this is the process of our ongoing education and the reason for our existence.

We are the children of the Most High and sooner or later we will learn to act accordingly through direct experience. It is in our own best interest to do so; however, it is also in the best interests of all Life, Love, Light — as well as Peace, Forgiveness, Healing, Reconciliation, Beauty and Joy Unspeakable.

That’s why we are here.

We are furthering and helping to clarify the entire Cosmic understanding of how and why the Universe and the Great Creation operates as it does.

These lives on our 4D planet earth have been part of an eternal investigation of discovery. This experience we are in now is simply one phaze of it. But . . . a very important phaze none-the-less. A huge shift for the entire planet and all life upon her from 1D, to 3D to 5D + is now well underway. We have all incarnated here this time around specifically for that monumental dimensional ascension.

And this is not just on behalf of ourselves — but for the sake of all beings making the same journey through their ever-increasing conscious awareness.

Nothing that we learn here or anywhere is ever lost. All is forever retained in the Akasha.

This journey home is a collective collaboration of planetary and extraterrestrial fluid group dynamics.

The individual aspect combined with the collective (I Am Presence) aspect — represents unlimited potential and full consciousness.

And all things become possible.

Everything we experience as unique individuals — our points-of-view, our perceptions, our interpretations, our analyses, our judgements, our putting together the many pieces gleaned from our highly limited (and often inaccurate) sense perceptions and our entire assembled understanding of what we refer to as ‘reality’ — is (at its best) only a very sparse and limited collection of our own individual interpretations — our many one-of-a-kind life experiences which we have analyzed, deciphered, decoded and interpreted and then expressed and acted upon — always according to our particularly flavored interpretations. Some of these can greatly aid other struggling beings — some have a detrimental effect. If we are wise, we learn from our mis-creations, do not clutch on to them, and allow them to be transmuted back into pure light.

And this entire process from thought inception to real action in 3D space-time is mirrored by a particular set of electromagnetic impulses surging throughout our nervous system, through all energy meridians, our chakras, the heart and enteric systems and all aspects of our cortical brain.

All of these energetic signatures are totally unique to each individual. And . . . it is all taking place — within our denser physical vehicles — our physical body — our etheric body — our emotional body and our mental body.

Purification of these four denser physical vehicles is by the conscious infusion and assimilation of our three less dense vehicles — the causal body — the Christ– and our I AM presence. Of course, all of these are One. These transmute and transform our denser vehicles that they might become more expressive tools of the inner Light, Love and Life of Almighty God.

The quality and veracity and depth of our many experiences becomes greatly enhanced when the higher self becomes enabled to influence these processes through conscious interface with the Divine Intention of the I Am Presence.

Almighty God — our Source and our very Life itself — is not only omniscient and omnipotent. Almighty God is also omnipresent — that is, every place and every time simultaneously. Father/Mother God is the polarized Prime First Thought at the innermost root of All-That-Is.

The creative expressions which we bring forth can only be our own constructs which have precipitated out of our individual and resonant thought forms. And — they have taken form having materialized out of our one-of-a-kind individual experiences — the unique experiences of our life’s story — the lessons we have learned or have not learned — our individual temperament — our talents — our traumas — our joys — our fears — our social life — our spiritual life — our love life — our sex life — our work life — our creative life — our education.

And — no two people have the same vantage point nor the same precisely matching point-of-view — but all have the innermost gift of personal sovereignty and free-will. This is given to us by our Prime Creator and it is our joy — our liberty — and our empowerment.

Collectively we are all — every one of us — energetically and organically merged with the very Source of all Creation which flows within us. This evolutionary imperative flows toward discovering more uplifting — more flouishing — more thriving, more perfection — more enlightenment — more lucidity — and more love of an unconditional nature for all beings.

When we align ourselves with this natural process — joy and fulfillment continually unfolds within us.

It means that infinite energy and intelligence is always abundant everywhere and everyplace and everytime all at once.

Our embodied I AM presence is seeking and yearning to manifest and express coherently and precisely through our denser physical vehicles — our physical body — our etheric body — our emotional body — and our mental body.

We are physical angels. We are stars — presently bound into forgetfulness by extreme density — but we are not victims — but adventurers and discoverers.

We willingly came here as investigators on a critical mission-quest to find out how to activate forgotten memories about who and what we are — and to do so right in the very midst of a thick and challenging density of almost total forgetfulness.

We undertook this on behalf of all life in the Universe.

From what is learned here (and being ever recorded in the Akashic Records,) is additional understanding about the very nature of human consciousness . . . and, it can now be directly accessed by any interested being throughout the entire cosmos.

The mission we have undertaken is vitally important. In order to accomplish it — we have to let go and let God. We decide how fast or slow we proceed.

In this ongoing direct and eternal interface between the spiritual and physical realms — we are all one because each of us — even in our severest limitation — partake of the very same Consciousness — the very same One Mind of our Creator — our Father/Mother God — our Prime Source of Life — Light — and Love.

This is what we desire to interface with — the experience and ever-increasing understanding of our total interconnectivityIt is the only truly fulfilling factor.

And now the question arises:

How consciously aware are we of our I Am Presence and what is the quality of our communication?

This question is up to each of us to answer according to our unique individual timing.




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