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The One Song


Interconnecting  and unifying the whole Multiverse — while  permeating all time and space — all wave-lengths — all frequencies — all  elements — amplitudes — densities — and dimensions — the One Song joyfully weaves the growing  and expanding  Life into a mirrored tapestry of comprehensible Source — which  finally becomes communicable to all beings.

Physicality and Spirituality are revealed as one and the same.

The path to pure and total reflection of our Source is smoothed and clarified by the One Song echoing loudly throughout all creation.

The One Song  is omnipresent — everyplace and every-time all at once — and ubiquitous with continual on-going full-contact touchability

You can describe this as the “Universal Intention.”  Or — the “Divine Unfolding” — or the “Creators Plan” — or — “Almighty God’s Eternal Purpose” — or — ?

What someone calls it — matters not at all.

There is Ultimate Will behind its omni-powerful focused intention toward a specific outcome — a singularity of energetic direction and purpose.

It is the One Reality of All.  It is the One Archetype amidst an ocean full of the flotsam and jetsam — the partial — and often incomplete — simulations of fluctuating holograms which are  the illusory flickerings of unsure and unaligned dynamos.

The One Song is the basic dynamic energy — the fundamental drive — which propels the entire Great Creation in all its multifarious aspects.

To align oneself with it is not difficult — as many falsely suppose.

Some are overly burdened down with their own manufactured complications — and having never discovered the dark tangle of their highly limited individual perceptions — they can only experience a confusing closed loop of “whaddabout this and whaddabout that” — a seemingly futile hamster wheel of ever-weakening exhaustion.

But — as relinquishing of individual baggage allows one to come into personal alignment with this Universal Intention (this One Song) — all things become possible.

It is not an individual “doing” — but — it is an individual letting-go and “allowing” oneself to be swept up and floated   along into this Eternal Cosmic Flow —  which has made entrance  into ones conscious awareness.  This is occurring now throughout the entire globe.

A Great “AHA” occurs — an insight — a “revelation.”  It was always there — only unseen until now.

Many (of course) do not acknowledge that such a thing could possibly exist.

True — ultimately it defies all linear  mathematics and logic — and yet — all numbers and sacred geometry — and all reason — ultimately moves only in one direction — for there is no other.

The most amazing thing about this One Song — as it resounds through ALL from within the entire Great Creation — is its powerful vector intention on behalf of — and for — the very best furtherance of the clearest expression of the innermost innate potential of — all Life — in all its various forms — throughout the entire Multiverse.

Let us open our hearts and become the Caregivers of all Life and the joyful singers of the One Song!