Raise Our Vibrations


To help facilitate our planetary mass ascension into the fifth dimension.

And . . . out of thy belly shall flow . . .

And . . . out of thy belly
shall flow . . .

By raising our oscillating energetic frequency as much as possible — and doing so now — we can prepare for the soon coming ascension that we might smooth the way and become a comfort and  assurance to  others who — being suddenly confronted with an incredible possibility never before known to them — may react with fear, doubt, and concern.  This is a time for the greatest joy, happiness, and celebration.  There is absolutely no need for any fear whatsoever.

Before this mass ascension — there will occur several major events which will include a huge cosmic energy pulse from our Galactic Central Sun.  This will be a profound spiritual experience.  The Great Central Sun is not just another star, but it is a dimensional portal at the center of our galaxy.  It is a stargate and is actually non-local even though the primary physical manifestation of it is a singularity around which the entire Milky Way Galaxy circulates.

In addition, there will emerge new governments which are filled with creative men and women with great vision who are totally responsive to the needs, hopes and desires of the entire population — and simultaneously there will be the unveiling of an entirely new financial system leading quickly to abundance and freedom from “want” throughout the whole earth.  We are in a transition moving toward a Galactic Civilization of abundance with absolutely no need for a monetary system.  But there will be a gradual transition to it while humankind makes the adjustment.

This will be the unfolding of a brand new paradigm and will set the atmosphere for the first open physical face-to-face public contacts with our extraterrestrial families.   This ‘First Contact’ will be massive — and no being upon the earth will ever be the same again.

Why is this occurring?

For one reason and one reason only — to further prepare us for our ascension into the fifth dimension — and the beginning of an entirely new and magnificent world  vision to build an advanced Galactic Civilization on planet earth — but also — on all the other water planets in our solar system.

There will be the final end of all poverty and war as well as an end to the quarantine imposed by the ETs long ago which has prevented us from directly physically interacting with our extraterrestrial relatives and neighbors on an open and unrestricted basis.

 The way will be open at last for there to be world-wide public First Contact with space craft and their occupants. 

We will learn much from them — to say the least. 

These entities — who will look very much like us — come from all over our Galaxy and beyond.  They have been anticipating and patiently waiting for this moment of exact Divine Timing for thousands of years — as have also many of us earth dwellers who are already aware of their presence and their long-time covert contacts — their clandestine interventions — and selective mentoring with the purpose of  ushering our world into the completely new paradigm and liberation.

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And now I wish to share with you some useful practical help for raising our vibrations.  It is up to you to explore further if you so desire.  The beauty and power of this is indescribable.


Beloved St. Germain

Disciple of Jesus Christ

Chohan Of The Seventh Ray



“. . . but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with Fire.”

(Matthew 3:11 ; Mark 1:8 ; Luke 3:16 ; John 1:26-33 ; Acts 1:5 )

The Violet Fire ranges in frequency

from deep purple to violet to magenta and beyond

Its function is to cleanse, purify, transmute and transform

all of our miscreations back into pure light



OH, THOU BELOVED ASCENDED MASTER SAINT GERMAIN, prepared by the Christ to be a Divine example of Spiritual Freedom to our Earth, we love you!

SEAL! SEAL! SEAL us and the entire ten billion lifestreams evolving on our Earth, and every part of life, in a mighty PILLAR of Your VIOLET FIRE of LOVE and FREEDOM! BLANKET the EARTH and its atmosphere in living VIOLET TRANSMUTING FLAME so that every part of Life may live, move, breathe and have its being truly in that VIOLET FIRE of Your Love that sets them, our Earth and every living thing free right now, for the VIOLET FIRE of FREEDOM’S LOVE ALWAYS MANIFESTS PURITY, FREEDOM AND PERFECTION…and










“Blazing in, through and around my four lower vehicles the full momentum of the Violet Transmuting Flame, the most powerful aspect of Love, instantly transmutes all outstanding energy back into perfection.”



“In the name and by the authority of the mighty Presence of God I AM, I invoke the Flames of Protection, Purification and Transmutation to BLAZE through my physical, etheric, mental and emotional vehicle, my aura and my world, freeing me from the illusions of the lower self.


Place a sword of Blue Flame in my right hand, a shield of Violet Light in my left hand and encircle my being and world within a ring-pass-not of Cosmic Blue Light so that nothing may approach me that is less than the Pure Light of God! It is done, for I so decree it, as God’s Most Holy Name, I AM, THAT I AM!

~  ~  ~

And here is my own version based upon a wonderful sharing by Patricia Cota-Robles.

You Are Light

You Are Light

Violet Flame Invocation 

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all humanity — every being — and all Creation. 

As I invoke the sacred Violet Flame for myself

I invoke it also for all life and every human being

Now — I call forth the sacred Violet Flame of freedom’s love — God’s perfection — transmutation — purification — rhythm — mercy — compassion — forgiveness and ceremonial order to transmute every thought — word — action or feeling — every memory and every belief I have ever released in any time-frame or dimension (known or unknown) that is less than God’s ongoing perfection.

Oh sacred Violet Flame

Blaze — blaze — blaze up — around and throughout my being

Purify — Purify — Purify my four denser vehicles — my physical — etheric — emotional — and mental bodies 

Transmute — Transmute — Transmute

all of my mis-creations back into pure light

building in momentum this Violet Flame

with every breath I take.

I AM that Violet Flame (3X)

I AM at perfect peace (3X) 

I AM Light — Love — and Life itself.

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of all beings.

And — so it is.

The Merkaba


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