Kadara — Your Energetic Interface

Kadara the Healer

Once you have aligned yourself with the Universal Intention from the core of your heart there comes a fervent desire to carry it out in every aspect of your life. You ask yourself — how can my life express this truth?

The key to that is your energetic interface with all beings. Experience this interface — take a plunge into it — grok it — understand it — transform it.

The first thing is your recognition that there are no separate entities. None.  Oneness is the primary fact of the Universe.  There are no “other” entities. You are them — and they are you. All of these interactions are occurring within the sphere of your own mind. Even the worst enemy — monster or predator — which is apparently trying to eat you for lunch — is an energetic sector of your very own mind. There is only One Mind in this entire Universe and it is expressing in many different aspects — and no matter what those aspects may appear to be — they are you. You are creating them and interpreting their meaning.

Yes — sometimes they surprise you — sometimes frighten you — sometimes cause major problems for you.

How you handle these situations depends upon how much you truly recognize the reality of your oneness and that what you are seeing and experiencing is a part of your very own self.

In fact — that is the very reason these conflicts occur. They manifest in order to teach you — test you — inform you — instruct you in the all encompassing irrefutable truth of the Oneness of All – That – Is.

As you gradually gain experience you learn that the best way to address these situations is not to run away from them — but to directly and even boldly address them.


Through owning the experience and transmutating it through the Light Encoded Reality Matrix.

Everything in this Universe is the manifestation of Light. All is Light. All is the interaction of Light. Darkness is also Light — less Light but not void of Light. All of you on this planet are now in the age of Intense Golden Light and the lesser Light which you call “evil” is willingly added to the intensity of the Cosmic Light. “Evil” has done its part as a strong ACTIVATING CATALYST for the Divine Intention. There is nothing which does not serve the Great Creation.

Look up children — there you are — coming in the clouds from on high.



The Arcturian Council Speaks

June 12, 2012

What practical method will be used to activate the primary performance codes of the New Paradigm?

Kadara The Healer

Kadara The Healer


The primary performance codes of the New Paradigm are found to work for the best and highest good of all concerned (by all your highly advanced Galactic neighbors) when those primary performance codes are interfaced in harmonic resonance with the Light Encoded Reality Matrix (LERM) at the pre-quantum level. This is the imprint of all causality.

We have:

The multifarious vibrant Life Codes on all frequencies and all dimensions of time and space.

This is true of both (so-called) ‘organic’ and ‘inorganic’ unfolding manifestations of materializing thought forms which are being drawn out by any mass — or individual — consciousness.

It is:

An understanding — a taught and learned epiphany — that penetrates all levels of a galactic culture — which results in total and full respect and awesome appreciation for the entire web-of-life.

This is practically accomplished by learning direct energetic interface with any and all selected life matrices through ones own focused vector intention, which resonates and harmonizes with the Prime Universal Intention of the Source Field in order to uplift — bless — thrive — stimulate — encourage — repair when necessary — and adjust when necessary. These qualities emerge in order to maintain the primary cosmic performance codes which become revealed at the quantum level

In other words:

In the New Paradigm, we directly and intentionally align our primary lucid thought with the expressed intention of the vast cosmic plan existing within the Source Field.

This is the fundamental basis of all education and learning whatever it may be in its outward expression.

Those who intuitively understand what has just been said are in the forefront of the new learning — as all teachers and all students merge together as one in this multi-grok of unprecedented discovery which was never before understood nor practiced on a full societal level on your Mother Earth.

Yes — it is quite exciting!


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  2. Hi brother satyam — thanks for your comment. I have discovered that those to whom I am closely attached — my space family — are the
    Arcturians. They are both a “collective” and also distinct and unique individuals. They are ONE as the Universal Mind is One but this oneness fully acknowledges and recognizes the supreme sovereignty of each individual expression of the One — and deems EVERY unique facet of the great jewel of Universal Consciousness — no matter how far afield it may be — to be an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL creative expression of the Ultimate Thought. They have been my gentle and wise mentors for many years during this (my last) sojourn here in this 3D body — but i only discovered their identity as “Arcturians” in the last few years.

    So far — I have been in training. This has included research and development for me to discover my inner heart-mind and begin to raise my vibrations.. It has all been to prepare for the coming mass ETI contact between several various advanced space civilizations and us — unfolding earth humans — and our final ushering through the portal into the fifth dimension — as we fully step into our already existing FULL consciousness.

    The Arcturians have given me a bare minimum to say in public so far. There will be much more after the coming Great Event. This astounding Cosmic energy flash will get the attention of everyone on earth as never before — and it will begin a domino cascade of abrupt change. No one need worry however. Those occurrences will be accompanied by a 24/7 information blitz through all forms of media to keep everyone safe, secure and informed. This planet has long been in the process of preparing for mass ascension. It is very very near despite all the apparent “evidence” to the contrary.

    So — let us stay focused — always choose love over fear — let go of our old baggage — and fall head-over-heels in love with Being itself as we joyfully and triumphantly enter into the eternal ongoing service of the All-That-Is.


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